I saw the Big Dipper

I saw the Big Dipper
I love the stars
I love a clear star lit sky
Reminds me of my childhood
Lying on my back staring into the mirky Milky Way
Visiting the planetarium
Learning of the solar system and the sun
The greatness of it all! The bigness, compared to the little me!
I try to remember what I thought
and wondered what He thought …

Watching the waves crash onto the rocky coast
I am surrounded by greatness once again
Pillars of rock reaching into the sea
There is talk of a giant, love and earth shifting changes

The wind whips through my hair finding any escape to touch my skin with freezing fingers and I wonder…



When I am with you I feel torn.
After, I cry and feel empty, alone.

I cry to Jesus and admit my weakness
I realise I am powerless over my flesh

I tell myself, don’t forget.
Don’t forget how it makes you feel.
Don’t forget these tears.
Don’t forget this sadness.
Don’t forget this disappointment.

I speak to my heart, as I feel it go cold and numb
I say-
Remember Him.
Remember your Maker.
Remember My grace, My mercy, My love

I am teaching you patience, self-control, discipline.
It’s hard, but hold on, don’t let go.
Be obedient and you will see my favour, good fruit, life.
You will experience my freedom
You will dance

Then I ask myself – is this all with it?
I feel God answer
“don’t worry. I have you in my embrace. I see you. I am with you. You are not alone.
In my presence you will find peace and rest for your soul


Listen to the bubbling, gurgeling, unceasing flow of water
No wait, Holy Spirit in me, outside me all around me

So much…

and yet you call me to a quiet place,
to a place of space,
and give me rest,
peace and solace.



giving my mind space

to think, to be free

to dance, to create



eery in the quietness

A horn sounds,

reaching over rolling foot hils,

to people in forgotten places



shine through the mist

signalling that there is life

the shimmer,

giving hope to the hopeless and

peace to the restless


There is peace in this place,

people are content


When u told me u were leaving
My heart sunk into my stomach like a sinker to a ship
My throat closed& tears pricked my eyes like a thousand pins

U told me the reason why it should be so and yet I can’t let u go
I wonder why I question how
I learn to wait I learn to live
I learn to offer and give
Give sometimes more than what I have

And yet you have not gone but reappeared Our times together are never forever
But we grow to know each others highs and lows
We cry we laugh we talk we whisper we dance we walk

My heart still feels broken after we have spoken
I long for u to be near
I long for u to hear and know how I feel

But I want u to be free to see what I see in you
To laugh with no hesitation
To have the confidence of a son who has a powerful Dad
To know that u have everything you need
I will wait
I will live
I am willing there must be a way


I live in the constant shadow
Of something concrete looming over me
Day in and day out I search for freedom
They say this city is alive
Like an ant hill all going about their own robotic routines

I watch the old go and the new come
Iridescent intoxicating lights flashing
Sales joggers deli fresh bread
A square that represents life time
54, 55, 56 th

What a sickening contrast to last summer
To a land that is alive
Smells color that you can taste and see
A community a family a people
Who have found freedom in the simple
The sunset the music the laughter the sunlight
Them with their meager possessions
Yet their smile and vivid eyes leave a hint lives lived in the wealth by mere things

These places that represent freedom
This city that speaks of liberty
Now choose, where do you see real freedom?

Oh lord that you would rend the heavens and come down
That you would open our eyes to the freedom you offer
Put in us a hunger to reach for our dreams our passions
A relentless to sweep over the nations
For your glory

Once yours always yours
You never let me go
My heart is yours
You see me
I don’t have to change
to be accepted or approved
Your love changes me from the inside out!


Though this world rubbish does hold
Though your grace still unfolds

Though our words are filth
Your voice

You hung on a tree
You died for me
To be free

You died to be free of the cloud
You used that tree to shout loud
The agony in your mind
The reason that made u find-
your peace from the rush the mush the slush of life of love of…

Coming going
Eating sleeping

Let’s find more
Let us soar
Let us dream
Although it my seem
Absurd oh but a word
A fantasy